The Dilemma is Real

I chose to grab the Flag of Freedom

loyal companions are the fearless warriors to fight my eternal demons

crafted in the middle of the war, a wise man struggled to make me this trusty-blazing silver sword

not a doubt, this is the legendary celestial sword that he used to story me when i was a kid

it’s blade surely could break all of no good sources over possibilities


but even though I had this ultimate equipment, facing against these atrocities will be just an endless war

I could hardly comprehend that this would be my last

but only bring up my shield and stay at my defensive stance sure will slaughter me either, like easily

this well made metal plate’s already poisoned by the beast’s repulsive venom


nevertheless, there’s no going back after I draw my very arms

into the war is the only way to redeem myself


and, by the war I mean survival..



yes, you accomplish something. i know

feeling so gracious like you just win some gold
about to tell the world that you’ll going to rule them
but it is really “something” ?
does the world even care about you and your outcomes ?

damn no.

a children that is managed to draw a horse on the drawing book. seems like shit but you’re just saying like “whoa that’s amazing”.
maybe it’s not the right imagery for the case but, i can’t think about anything else (deal with it!)
well, everyone IS so grateful that you’d accomplish something
they appreciated your stuff ! you happy, right ?
but what if i tell you
they did it just because they DIDN’T WANT TO LET YOU DOWN


it was like
“yeah whatever, dude. you are so dumb that i can discern it so yeah keep doing what you’re doing while i’m doing my stuff and give no damn about you”

harsh indeed
and NOTHING you could to do blame them

what you’re gonna do ?

Empty Room

what is it about your feelings and your mights ?

feeling sleepy while you can’t even close your eyes

wanted to produce something while your body won’t even budge

about to express your feelings while no one would listen to you

your very feelings, about.. stuff

stuff ? you can’t even explain it

well, apparently you’d never really comprehend about your own feelings

you just ASSUME that you HAVE it

but luckily, every individuals ALWAYS have such feelings


Don’t Go Stupid

feel scared sometimes ?

yeah me too. midnight bathroom needs, creepy dark hallway of train station, or even just facing your final exams and ask your crush for a date

but you know what ? you can choose what you’ve scared of. i mean, fear is your own choice. THAT is scary but, what EXACTLY are you scared of ?

i repeatedly ask some of my friends to watch horror movies with me, ’cause honestly i’m a big fan of it. but then they just refuse such an invitation with all conclusion of “i’m scared”

let’s say, if you watch it, what is your deal exactly ? the majority of horrors are fake, fiction. does that mean if you watched that then a killer would come to your house and slaughter your family ?

no, that is stupid

horrors created fears. fears stimulated to your brain and bingo, you choose the horrors as your own fears, UNREAL FEARS. what’s the deal with such unreal stuffs ? they didn’t even exist. YOUR FEAR IS INVALID

in some cases, asking your crush for a date is a horror situation too. people didn’t really describe it as a “horror”, but what i mean is, it’s a fake fear. you don’t even know what is the deal if you do that. even if you failed, you won’t even die, or killed. by that i mean literally

there is a fear with real danger. it is called “terror”. this is your real life danger and what you can ONLY do is avoid it. but i tell you: that’s a hell of rare situation before you can get this fear thingies. you wouldn’t know when you will get fucked up and get some danger with your life is at stake. if you fear of this, you will get feared throughout your life. and that’s my definition of being stupid

that is wise for being aware of things. aware means you are READY, not that you are SCARED

so now we got the difference here between “horror” and “terror”. horror’s fake and terror’s real. you are watching “horror” movies, not “terror” movies. your crush won’t kill your family when you ask her for a date. you are NOT in danger while in a way to the bathroom at night, but think about the joy after-pee. you would sleep well, right ?

so get up ya butt and go find some fears. they even could pump yourself into some productive activities and make your life even better. get a girlfriend, a job, and of course you can enjoy horror movies

with me !


I felt joy. It’s the best thing in the world, ever. I keep walked and live that way. And it was like there’s nothing can stop me. I’ve done whatever you told me. And we did everything what we want to. And it makes me, like I never be alone again. I can’t stop doing that, just can’t. Actually we always did the same things when every time we met. But yeah I just couldn’t see that way. The only thing I knew is just whatever I do and wherever I go, it just a treasured moment that I can be with you. Sometimes I did some stupid things, but it makes no matter for you. I just can’t understand why you didn’t mad at me. But hey, that makes me so glad that I never do that again.

I felt joy. An amazing moment that lulled me to an end. It’s a weird thing that you are on my side no more. Still don’t know what’s going on, but I wanna say sorry that I can’t maintained us to hold on together again.

I felt so stupid that I just let you go.

I feel guilty.

I feel terrible.

I feel way too dumb.

I am confused.

I am senseless.


I’m the lonely guy. Leave me alone