I never tell a lie

Don’t be afraid of me.
Instead, I’m here to help you.

Remember you always said that you don’t want to be alone ? Well, I’m ready to accompany you. I’ll stay on your side and protect you.

For me on your side, you’ll never be lonely again.
I’m not that type of “Just call me and I’ll be there”. In fact, I’m always on your side. I’m not leaving you.

I am everywhere. Even when you can’t see me.
Even in the darkness.

When you walking through a dark hallway, don’t turn your back.
I know you’re scared, but I’m there with you. No need to be afraid.

Maybe you’ll get chills on your spine along with my presence.
But don’t worry. That was a normal case.

Instead, what if you follow me ?
I’ll show you my world.

I know you have such misery in your world.
You suffer enough, and I can free you. We will happy together.
This is the place you always dream about.

You know what ?
You can stay there with me forever.

Please, just follow me. I’ve got your back, you can trust me.
Just leave your belongings, you won’t need it

I need no one.
I just need you.

I’m so lonely.
Because nobody trust me.


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