Watch your back (nosleep)

Please concern safety for yourself, your family, and everybody that you loved, please
’cause I felt something that isn’t quite right
I think something is trying to do something bad to us
And everytime I notice that something’s not right, there’s absolutely something caught slipped in my eye
Something that, whatever it is, tried to escape from my mind
Or just some sort of, hiding from me because it knows that I noticed
Just like kids playing hide and seek

Maybe I’m just overlooked for something
But I’m just gonna warn you, okay ? Don’t tell me if I never did if something hits you, someday

So, let me tell about this kind of thing
It comes to you unexpectedly. You won’t event notice it
Or, I hope that this is just my opinion that,
And it will be gone until you notice that something’s there
Like it’s immediately hide from you for whatever reason
And will come back to you later after you forget about it,
Preparing something bad for you on from your side
I don’t know, I hope I was wrong
But for my own cases, this theory explains everything and I’m sure 100% this was right

Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure that this isn’t come for something good
Everytime I feel it’s presence, I’ve got shivers down my spine, nausea on my stomach, and any other not-so-grateful feeling about myself

My advise is
Just, prepare for ANYTHING that wouldn’t go well for you and your family
Because this is gonna be horrible and you wouldn’t like it a bit
Do EVERYTHING you can do to save them



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