It’s for you, dammit !

you must know that happiness, when you’ve got something’s you hoped for
when everything goes as you expected
but what does that happiness mean, if sharing isn’t an option for you
what kind of happiness if is it something that no one can even BELIEVE that your feeling is right ?

you see, A LOT of people needs your help
people needs are diverse, but one thing. just ONE thing from general
is they need HAPPINESS
something that you could share to them

you could see them faces
they’re smiling
it seems so cheerful from the outside, to keep you pleasant
to keep your beauty shine
it’s all for you

but looks carefully
it’s a GLOOMY smile, EXHAUSTED of being so desperate in their life
it’s a forced beatitude for everyone’s sake. including YOU
they are HELPING us
they SHARED their slight, scrimpy leftover happiness FOR YOU
like, why the hell don’t you acknowledged their existence ?

without them, there is no way we can live peacefully like this
the earth won’t even spinning. it’s just.. a thing, that floating on the space



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