Black Rose Rises

“There ! I see him !”

I said it like I’ve never trust my eyes before
the wicked man running like hell untouched as the shadow blended with the light
we’re kind of lucky catching up him in the middle of the day. when it hits the night, we could barely move instead of running away from his deadly presence

we’re just regular soldier, not trained to facing up these kind of things
but however, our duty is to protect the kingdom against danger. even get ourselves killed is the jeopardy

and once for a sudden, my heart stops beating
I can’t breathe
but it’s not like i had heart attack or something
i’m still alive,

what ?

this mad man running around on our group in an evil way ever possible
the phantom man keeps appearing and then I lost him again in A SECOND
you’ll never know where’s he heading to, or show up where
he’s just,
and the more time we spend here, the more soldier we used to lose
but, every time I manage to move, I feel like I couldn’t do it a bit
we are none but is a no match for this wicked-phantom guy. I don’t even know how to call him
but his power, the way he’s taking out our men ONE BY ONE in front of my very eyes. is maybe, or exactly would be the worst living nightmare ever happened
I mean, what is this ?
this is like a horror story for kids, but the terror is REAL
sweat just flowing on my neck, bone has nothing but chills. even my nose is bleeding, i can feel the warm liquid flowing down up to my mouth
I feel like just standing here waiting for him to turning my neck, and leave this situation, forever
because you don’t want to live like this

If only I could move my body,


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