The Dilemma is Real

I chose to grab the Flag of Freedom

loyal companions are the fearless warriors to fight my eternal demons

crafted in the middle of the war, a wise man struggled to make me this trusty-blazing silver sword

not a doubt, this is the legendary celestial sword that he used to story me when i was a kid

it’s blade surely could break all of no good sources over possibilities


but even though I had this ultimate equipment, facing against these atrocities will be just an endless war

I could hardly comprehend that this would be my last

but only bring up my shield and stay at my defensive stance sure will slaughter me either, like easily

this well made metal plate’s already poisoned by the beast’s repulsive venom


nevertheless, there’s no going back after I draw my very arms

into the war is the only way to redeem myself


and, by the war I mean survival..


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