yes, you accomplish something. i know

feeling so gracious like you just win some gold
about to tell the world that you’ll going to rule them
but it is really “something” ?
does the world even care about you and your outcomes ?

damn no.

a children that is managed to draw a horse on the drawing book. seems like shit but you’re just saying like “whoa that’s amazing”.
maybe it’s not the right imagery for the case but, i can’t think about anything else (deal with it!)
well, everyone IS so grateful that you’d accomplish something
they appreciated your stuff ! you happy, right ?
but what if i tell you
they did it just because they DIDN’T WANT TO LET YOU DOWN


it was like
“yeah whatever, dude. you are so dumb that i can discern it so yeah keep doing what you’re doing while i’m doing my stuff and give no damn about you”

harsh indeed
and NOTHING you could to do blame them

what you’re gonna do ?


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