Don’t Go Stupid

feel scared sometimes ?

yeah me too. midnight bathroom needs, creepy dark hallway of train station, or even just facing your final exams and ask your crush for a date

but you know what ? you can choose what you’ve scared of. i mean, fear is your own choice. THAT is scary but, what EXACTLY are you scared of ?

i repeatedly ask some of my friends to watch horror movies with me, ’cause honestly i’m a big fan of it. but then they just refuse such an invitation with all conclusion of “i’m scared”

let’s say, if you watch it, what is your deal exactly ? the majority of horrors are fake, fiction. does that mean if you watched that then a killer would come to your house and slaughter your family ?

no, that is stupid

horrors created fears. fears stimulated to your brain and bingo, you choose the horrors as your own fears, UNREAL FEARS. what’s the deal with such unreal stuffs ? they didn’t even exist. YOUR FEAR IS INVALID

in some cases, asking your crush for a date is a horror situation too. people didn’t really describe it as a “horror”, but what i mean is, it’s a fake fear. you don’t even know what is the deal if you do that. even if you failed, you won’t even die, or killed. by that i mean literally

there is a fear with real danger. it is called “terror”. this is your real life danger and what you can ONLY do is avoid it. but i tell you: that’s a hell of rare situation before you can get this fear thingies. you wouldn’t know when you will get fucked up and get some danger with your life is at stake. if you fear of this, you will get feared throughout your life. and that’s my definition of being stupid

that is wise for being aware of things. aware means you are READY, not that you are SCARED

so now we got the difference here between “horror” and “terror”. horror’s fake and terror’s real. you are watching “horror” movies, not “terror” movies. your crush won’t kill your family when you ask her for a date. you are NOT in danger while in a way to the bathroom at night, but think about the joy after-pee. you would sleep well, right ?

so get up ya butt and go find some fears. they even could pump yourself into some productive activities and make your life even better. get a girlfriend, a job, and of course you can enjoy horror movies

with me !


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