I felt joy. It’s the best thing in the world, ever. I keep walked and live that way. And it was like there’s nothing can stop me. I’ve done whatever you told me. And we did everything what we want to. And it makes me, like I never be alone again. I can’t stop doing that, just can’t. Actually we always did the same things when every time we met. But yeah I just couldn’t see that way. The only thing I knew is just whatever I do and wherever I go, it just a treasured moment that I can be with you. Sometimes I did some stupid things, but it makes no matter for you. I just can’t understand why you didn’t mad at me. But hey, that makes me so glad that I never do that again.

I felt joy. An amazing moment that lulled me to an end. It’s a weird thing that you are on my side no more. Still don’t know what’s going on, but I wanna say sorry that I can’t maintained us to hold on together again.

I felt so stupid that I just let you go.

I feel guilty.

I feel terrible.

I feel way too dumb.

I am confused.

I am senseless.


I’m the lonely guy. Leave me alone


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